Broke and Arted provides visiting and member artists with the unique opportunity to create and install their artwork for solo exhibition. With almost 1000 square feet of space available for installation, exhibiting artists must meet the technical and conceptual challenge of creating enough quality work to fill a space, and to do so meaningfully for a public audience. Broke and Arted invites artists creating challenging work in any medium to submit their work for possible exhibition and accepts proposals for solo and small group exhibitions, performances, and events. Broke and Arted sends out press releases and publicity packets, assumes the costs of the gallery ad and listings submitted to local media outlets, and will host the reception. Individual ads in National publications are optional and are paid for by the artist.

As a first step, prospective exhibiters intimidated by the commitment of membership may apply for a Visiting Artist Exhibition. It is important to note that visiting artists are responsible for all installation (including shipping related) expenses and that the artwork is not insured in our space.

Basic Expenses for a Visiting Artist Exhibition
* There is no submission fee; Broke and Arted retains a 40% commision from visiting artists.

Please send us the following : via email or snail mail.
* a written description of the proposed installation
* artist statements from main artists involved
* artist resumes of main artists involved
* at least 10 slides or digital images of the work to be shown or similar past work of artists involved
* SASE if you'd like your materials returned to you (Please allow two to four months for review and return of slides).

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