About Broke and Arted

Blurring the lines between high and low culture, Broke and Arted produces exhibitions that are not only intelligent and thought provoking, but accessible to large audiences as well. With major art exhibitions accompanied by live music featuring local artists, opening receptions, and special events, Broke and Arted cultivates an open and inviting environment that facilitates the interaction of art, individuals and communities. Broke and Arted is a place where community can be built, a place where artists and viewers challenge each other to learn, create, and question. Perhaps most notably, Broke and Arted is a place where accessibility of the arts has been considered from the start.

For press releases or general inquiries, please contact:
Broke and Arted

Mission Statement

Broke and Arted is an Artist Run exhibition and studio space dedicated to cultivating influential and inventive artwork by emerging artists, creating opportunities that foster the understanding and creation of art, and inciting community interest in the visual arts. The Broke and Arted Cooperative supports the work of visiting artist and members alike by actively seeking funding for shows in an effort to present challenging and enriching visual art in all media. We believe that support and proliferation of this vital emerging arts community will not only enrich our local culture but will create a group of talented artists whose dedication to the emerging arts will influence every community to which their careers lead them.

Cooperative Goals

Educate, analyze and promote social awareness through group and solo shows, events, installations, projects and exploratory works; remaining sensitive to all forms of art, while encouraging viewers to abstract from its pluralistic nature, the intuitive and cerebral message within the aesthetic and to identify on a personal, spiritual, and or intellectual level that with which the artist intends.

Provide a forum which supports and encourages the development, exchange, and presentation of creative ideas in a unique and progressive venue for artistic expression and community involvement.

Support the work of committed local, emerging and established artists to the public and prospective collectors on a continual and professional basis, serve and nourish the multifaceted outgrowth in the contemporary cultural arts.


Broke and Arted provides visiting and member artists with the unique opportunity to create and install their artwork for solo exhibition. With almost 1000 square feet of space available for installation, exhibiting artists must meet the technical and conceptual challenge of creating enough quality work to fill a space, and to do so meaningfully for a public audience. Broke and Arted invites artists creating challenging work in any medium to submit their work for possible exhibition and accepts proposals for solo and small group exhibitions, performances, and events. Broke and Arted sends out press releases and publicity packets, assumes the costs of the gallery ad and listings submitted to local media outlets, and will host the reception. Individual ads in National publications are optional and are paid for by the artist.

As a first step, prospective exhibiters intimidated by the commitment of membership may apply for a Visiting Artist Exhibition. It is important to note that visiting artists are responsible for all installation (including shipping related) expenses and that the artwork is not insured in our space.

Basic Expenses for a Visiting Artist Exhibition
* There is no submission fee; Broke and Arted retains a 40% commision from visiting artists.

Please send us the following : via email or snail mail.
* a written description of the proposed installation
* artist statements from main artists involved
* artist resumes of main artists involved
* at least 10 slides or digital images of the work to be shown or similar past work of artists involved
* SASE if you'd like your materials returned to you (Please allow two to four months for review and return of slides).

Artist Memberships

Broke and Arted keeps the artist in mind at all times. Artist biographies and portfolios are included on the website and in the gallery portfolio upon approval. Artists are encouraged to oversee their displays and take an active role in the promotion and consequential sale of their work. Broke and Arted actively pursues grant funding, and extends its efforts to our members; assistance in writing proposals and locating grant opportunities is provided upon request. If you are interested in working with Broke and Arted or becoming a member, please review our submission requests.

Slides and materials are reviewed by Broke and Arted Artist Members at a monthly meeting. If the review is favorable, the artist is invited to bring 3-5 pieces to the next meeting. If the review of actual work is favorable, the gallery director will then schedule a studio visit or interview. At this time, the Broke and Arted Artists will answer questions and convey benefits, responsibilities and the spirit of our cooperative gallery and the artist will discuss their reasons for seeking membership and experience in similar settings.

If accepted, the artist will begin a 3-month trial period in which said artist pays dues, displays work in the Broke and Arted Boutique, has access to the provided studio space, and helps with sitting and receptions. Factors such as the initiation fee, website and Gallery Portfolio inclusion are delayed until the end of the trial period. At this time either the artist or Broke and Arted Artists may decline permanent membership, and must decide on their individual level of allegiance (member vs. associated member). Once the initiation fee is paid, all benefits and responsibilities begin.

Broke and Arted Artist's Membership:

Membership requires a commitment to help with Gallery duties. Broke and Arted Artists sign up for gallery sitting ten times a year in an effort to build relationships between our artists and our guests. In addition, Broke and Arted Artists help with receptions, exhibitions, installations, take-down, and other activities on a regular basis. Meetings are held once a month when slides and work are reviewed and policy decisions are made by the Broke and Arted Artists and the gallery director. New Broke and Arted Artists pay an initiation fee of $500 and dues are $35 a month. Broke and Arted Artists receive an Artist's Opening solo exhibition and reception, participate in small group showings, display their work in the sitting room Member's Gallery, and are encouraged to create and sell gift items in the broke&arted boutique. Broke and Arted Artists receive a 80% share from the sale of their work

Associate Broke and Arted Artist's Membership:

Associate Members have a full vote at meetings, are included on the website and in the gallery portfolio, display work in the broke&arted boutique, and participate in group shows. Because of space limitations, their work is not included in the Broke and Arted Artists' Members Gallery. Otherwise, Associate Broke and Arted Artists enjoy the benefits and share the responsibilties of full membership. The intiation fee is $250 and monthly dues are $25. Broke and Arted Artists recieve a 70% share from the sale of their work.

Broke and Arted Artists are informed of opportunities outside the Gallery and are encouraged to take advantage of exhibition possibilities besides those scheduled at the Gallery.

Patron Contributions

As a cooperative arts organization, visitor contributions, purchases, artist memberships, and grant rewards are essential toward the success of Broke and Arted. Individuals like you make the Broke and Arted cooperative possible by helping to cover overhead costs of facilities usage. Broke and Arted contributers get special privileges and the satisfaction of knowing that your support advances the arts in our community. Be a part of something exceptional and contribute to Broke and Arted, your support is essential and very much appreciated.

Friend - $35
Advance notice of performances and special events
Invitations to special members-only events and programs
Recognition of your membership in the annual report

Partner - $50
All of the benefits of Friend plus:
Broke and Arted t-shirt

Consort - $75
All of the benefits of Partner plus:
Free entry to unlimited Broke and Arted events for one year

Fellow - $100
All of the benefits of Consort plus:
10% discount at the broke&arted boutique

Cohort - $250
All of the benefits of Fellow plus:
10% off art purchases

Comrade - $500
Two year membership with all of the benefits of Cohort plus:
15% off purchases during openings

Sidekick - $1000
All of the benefits of Comrade plus:
Invitation to our Broke and Arted Bloody Mary Brunch with Broke and Arted artists

Volunteer Opportunities are always available, so don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to be of service to the Broke and Arted.


broke&arted is the boutique that compliments the Broke and Arted concept. We are always accepting submissions for display or gift items to be featured in our broke&arted space. All work is for sale on consignment.

To apply please or e-mail 4-6 digital images of your work and a brief description to: Boutique Submissions

We Accept Vinyl!

Interested in a print or gift for sale in our boutique but just don't have all of the money required to put that art on your wall? broke&arted accepts your beautiful dusty vinyl; bring your records (of any genre) in and try to make a deal.